The Unheard Avant-garde Project

The Unheard Avant-gardes project is an ongoing curatorial research-project initiated in 2010 as part of the LARM Infrastructure project.

Most importantly, the project materialized as an independent section at the Sound Art – Sound As Medium for Fine Arts at ZKM in Karlsruhe.

The Unheard Avant-garde project is attempting to re-investigate and ‘excribe’ the materialities of the experimental practices of media art.

As such, it may also be viewed as an attempt to approach curatorially and art-historically how technology re-configure (our ideas about) the relations between media, art and society.

In the ZKM exhibition, focus was primarily on documentation as material for reactivating experimental artistic practices and their contexts.

This focus continues in other areas, like the Show-Bix & – An Anti-Reenactment and other pioneering practices in Scandinavia.

It also crosses into my interest in post-digital archiving and the indeterminate pasts of media art, excribing the MAP project with inspiration from resent theories within media archeology (Parikka), critical infrastructure (Jamie Allen), and the network (Serres).

Some impressions from ZKM:

Re-activating the Unheard through digital technology – here a screen-shot from the MAX MSP setup of HC Gilje’s Seven Circles.

03 14_2853

03 16_2789

Ane Mette Ruge

03 14_2854

and The Audiobar & POEX Chairs, both by Mogens Jacobsen

03 16_2765

03 16_2788

Poex TAPE, by Martin Luckmann

03 16_2777

Hanson’s Head by Christina and Hans Sydow

2012-03-16 19.13.46

Eric Andersen: Opus 65

2012-03-16 19.15.33

POEX Radar by Morten Søndergaard

2012-03-16 19.15.45


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