Portfolio – Media Art Curation and Practices


(curator) C / Borg – Parliament of Robots. Ken Rinaldo Exhbition at DIAS

(w Laura Beloff & DIAS) (founder) EVA-Copenhagen – Symposium / Conference series

(w Jakob Wamberg & Laura Beloff) (Chair) Politics of the Machines: Art & After.  Conference part of the first EVA-Copenhagen.


(w Peter Weibel) Resonant Worlds: Sound, Art & Science. ISACS17 Conference, ZKM. General Chair.

(w. Jens Hauser & Adam Bencard et.al.): Stelarc Second Skin. Project in process.


(w. Jens Hauser & Adam Bencard et.al.): Stelarc Second Skin. Project in process.

(w Students from Erasmus Media Arts Cultures) Possible Future Lab: Føreign Objects, Erasmus Master in Media Arts Cultures Exhibition.

(w Jamie Allen): Acoustic Infrastructure, Eyebeam, New York. Curator.

(w. Sanne Krogh, Annette Vandsø & Ulrik Schmidt): Sound Art Matters, Conference, Aarhus. Co-Chair & Co-Organizer


Art & Science Conference, Overgaden. Moderator.

(w. Joasia Krysa, Lars Bang Larsen, Jacob Lund): Systemics #4 – Aarhus Rapport. Aarhus Kunsthal.

(w. Mogens Jacobsen, Martin Luckmann & Sebastian Bülow: Show-Bix & – An Anti-Reenactment, Aarhus Kunsthal.

ISACS – International Sound Art Curating Conference Series. Co-Founder and General Chair


(w. Jamie Allen) Point Zero. Concept and Call-bid for ISEA hosting in Copenhagen (lost bid to Hong Kong)

Stelarc: Second Skin. Project for ISEA13 in Sydney (unrealized due to difficulties with ethical board). Curator.


Re-new – digital arts festival, Senior Curator.

Unheard Avant-garde (In Scandinavia). Section at the Sound Art Exhibition, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany. Review

Biotopia Revisited, Leonardo Electronic Almanac’s Digital Platform.

NordiChi12, IT-U, Design chair


re-new digital arts festival, Senior Curator


Internet Ear  by Stelarc. Comissioned for Biotopia.

BIOTOPIA – Art in the Wet Zone.

PORT 2010 Festival.


(w. Mogens Jacobsen) Hørbar at Konzertgebouw in Amsterdam.

(w. Mogens Jacobsen) Hørbar shown at the exhibition YOU_ser at ZKM, Karlsruhe.

Total_Action – Art in the New Media Landscape , Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde.

SHOW-BIX special presentation at CPH:DOX, Litteraturhaus, Copenhagen.

MAGNET – Thorbjørn Lausten’s Visual Systems. Simultanous exhibitions at ZKM, KUNSTEN (Aalborg) and The Museum of Contemporary Art (Roskilde).


Sperme Anonyme – Victor B. Andersens Maskinfabrik, MFSK, Roskilde.

Distant Relations – Art in The Age of Global Media, MFSK, Roskilde.

(w. Mogens Jacobsen) Hørbar presented at the FILE-seminar, Rio, Brazil.

Social_Aktion: The Public and the New Media Landscape, MFSK, Roskilde.

Media Art Platform


Mission : Reality. MFSK

PERformer Højholt. Media art 1967 -> at Silkeborg Bad, DK.


(w. Perttu Rastas and Björn Norberg) Get Real: Real Time + Art, MFSK.


(w. Perttu Rastas and Björn Norberg) Get Real: Real Time + Art. Kiasma, Helsinki.

Sound Images VII – Site & Sound. MFSK.

(w. Per Højholt) PERformer Højholt. Media Art 1967-, MFSK.

(w. Kathrine Winkelhorn) The Digital Bauhaus: K3 / Malmö, MFSK.


Under Cover – Sound/Art in Social Spaces, MFSK.

Hortus Digitalis, Rupertinum, Salzburg.


John Cage ”Song Books” – Performed in the Vikingship Museum by Ars Nova & Paul Hillier.

(w. Jacob Goetz, Thomas, Ellinor Gylling): SeeSound / Look at the Music, MFSK.

(w. Hans Sydow) Soundimages VI: Electronic Masters – Else Marie Pade and Rune Lindblad, MFSK.

Hortus Digitalis: The Digital Garden / Ane Mette Ruge, MFSK.

Cut-up Project. MFSK


(w. Mette Marcus) Royal Collage – Art from the Royal College of Art. MFSK


Christian Marclay, MFSK.

The Body Machine: Augmented Reality Project / Boxiganga, MFSK, Roskilde.


(w. Thomas Hultberg) Soundimages V: Fylkingen, MFSK.

(w. Students from Art History): MIX – Blended Spaces, MFSK, Roskilde.

(w. Hans Sydow): Krydsfelt Sound Studio


(w. Students from Art History): X-Positions – An Exhibition in Three Acts. The Museumshall / The University of Copenhagen.


(w. Helle Solvang) : Bruce Chatwin. Copenhagen Cultural Capital / The Museumhall / The University of Copenhagen



(w. Damien Hirst) Some Went Mad, Some Ran Away. Serpentine Gallery / Portalens Kunsthal, Hundige Copenhagen.

Sophie Calle: L’Absence. Serpentine Gallery / Portalens Kunsthal, Hundige, Copenhagen.

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